There’s A Quick Way To Solve Your Credit Score Issues

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Getting to the nut of your credit score involves a great deal of diligence. It’s unfortunate that something as vital to your overall happiness in life can be so greatly impacted by your credit score. But so it is and so you should remember the following tips about how to solve your credit score issues.

Keep Current: You need to keep up on the current reality of your score. That means pulling down your credit report once a year and monitoring it before you make any big changes like a move or purchasing a home.

React: Keeping current means much more than just pulling down your report for one of the three services (Experian, Trans Union, Equifax) – it means processing and reacting to this information as it comes in. You need to close down any accounts which have remained open and inactive for too long on your report. You need to call and dispute any inaccuracies that you find on your reports. It also means following through with any changes which need to be made after you have requested them. Because of the fluid nature of credit and because everyone has credit issues you need to immediately and forcefully draw back any anomalies and ensure these issues have been addressed.

Compare: Because your credit score is a combined amalgam of numbers, if one of your scores is violently at odds with the others you need to compare the information found on the three different reports and you need to understand out why. If there is one credit provider who is drawing down your score you need to make sure that these issues are addressed. Then you need to check your credit profile to see that the correct changes have been made.

Monitor: Then you need to continue to monitor your credit score. That’s the really negative thing about credit scoring and credit reporting. Even after you have done the work to get your credit score back where it should be and you have addressed any inaccuracies in your credit scoring, then you need to remain vigilant.

Your credit score affects so much of what we do and where we live. From rental rates to home purchase interest-rates to a job you may or may not get if your credit score somehow comes into play. It’s vital to keep after it and elevate your credit score as much as possible.

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