Here’s A Quick Way To Solve Your Credit Card Problems

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When you’re in debt, you know it. It’s kind of surreal to think that there would actually be a path to debt reliefwhich would include a “quick way” to fix your credit card problems. But of course there is. Here is a quick fix solution to your debt relief quandary.Change Your Lifestyle: This first point is essential. Why do you keep having credit card problems? What is the common thread? Of course there is only one common thread to a vast majority of the credit card issues; people are living beyond their means. What does that mean? When you’re ready to have an honest look over your credit card statements you will invariably see a lot of great experiences; dinners out, vacations, hotel stays, and expensive little do-dads that you may or may not have anymore. All things you could not have had; experiences you could not have shared, things you could not have afforded; if you had to pay for them outright. So what does that mean? You are living beyond your means.

Change Your Definitions: Even if you are looking at your statements and you only see that you’re buying “essentials,” to achieve true debt reliefmaybe you need to change your definition of essentials. Why spend $50 on exfoliating face-scrub from that ritzy-boutique when a bar of soap will do the same? Why spend hundreds of dollars a month on expensive bundled-cable when you can stream the same programs for free on that internet signal you can pirate from your neighbor? Why take your dog to the expensive day spa when you can just get him in your yard with the hose? There are all things we “need” and then things we think we “need” because we have always had them. Change your definitions of “need” and you will change your life.

Stop Using Them: To achieve true credit card debt relief, you need to stop using your credit cards. Just stop. Cut them up, lock them away, erase the 16-digit account number and 3-digit code from the back from your memory. Just because there’s credit available doesn’t mean that the path to debt relief is to use it.

Pay Down More Than Minimum: Of course you need to pay down more than the minimum. Especially once you’ve stopped using them and changed your mindset you will be one step closer to ultimate debt relief.

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