Get Rid Of Your Credit Cards Once And For All

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gid rid of credit card debt todayIf you are in serious debt and you’re looking for debt relief, maybe the best thing you can do is get rid of your credit cards. Cut them up; throw them away; lock them up.

Using too much credit is likely what got you seeking debt relief in the first place; don’t be a slave to that. Getting rid of your credit cards can be the best way to financial prosperity; especially for those in serious debt. But you should get rid of your credit cards the smart way. Credit is like any addiction. If you don’t do this smartly and for good then you’re just going to be running for the first credit offer in your mailbox.

Get Rid of Credit Cards in 5 Steps

Analyze: The first step on the road to financial prosperity is to analyze your credit use. If you are still paying your bills, buying your groceries, paying for gas, and all that with these credit cards which barely have any money on them, that’s not a good plan. You need to be off the credit card monster before you even think about doing anything once and for all.

Cancel: Then it’s time to cancel your credit cards. The way to do this would be to total them all, figure out who gives you the best interest rate and tell them you want to cancel and consolidate your credit cards to pay them off. You are going to need to do this to all your cards but if you start with one who gives you a good deal then you may be able to milk them for the most if someone else offers you something better.

Consolidate: This is what you’re trying to do with your credit cards. You need debt relief; not a quick fix to keep you on the junk. If you are able to cancel them all and combine then into one payment, that’s the best thing for your debt relief scheme. Even if you need to take a separate debt consolidation loan with your bank; one-stop payments is the way to go.

Cut: Once all this is set in motion; cut those cards up. It’s the only way to have full freedom from credits chains.

Conquer: Your debt relief plan is complete when you have paid your final bill. Conquering your credit cards is the final step to debt relief and getting rid of them once and for all.

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