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Affiliate Opportunity

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Become an affiliate marketer for Debt Relief Network and build a business helping people rebuild their lives.

Debt Relief Network, in business since 2001, is a debt relief services company rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We help people struggling with debt and credit problems. We provide all the following services and more.

Debt Relief Network service

In the current economy, more people than ever are overwhelmed with debt and credit problems. Many become paralyzed by shame and fear about their money troubles. Many do not realize that there are valid, legal, professional solutions to their problems.

That is where our affiliates come in. Your role is to find those people overwhelmed with debt and credit troubles and let them know about, where they can get professional advice about their options from a trustworthy source.

As an affiliate, you become part of our team. We provide full guidance and training, with dedicated support specifically for our affiliates. Our custom CRM software makes it easy to access all of our products, manage and understand your customers, and get them what they need.

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An affiliate of can provide relief from all the various debt burdens people are struggling with today, such as credit card debt, charge offs or judgments, and bad credit. We can also help homeowners who need mortgage assistance or who are facing foreclosure, people with tax debts, including federal and state tax issues, and people with overwhelming student loan debt.

The best thing about being an affiliate? Your job is simply to communicate with potential customers, telling them about the help that we can offer, and directing them to our website and our services. We do the rest, by providing a high level of customer care and professional advice and getting your customers what they need.

You and your customers can rest assured that Debt Relief Network is a decent, trustworthy company. Some debt relief companies are unreliable and can even worsen their customers’ money problems by piling on their own fees without providing real debt relief. Not us. We have earned our BBB rating by providing genuine help, listening to each individual’s situation, and giving professional, accurate, and targeted advice. We provide debt-burdened individuals with options that will truly relieve their burdens and let them start fresh and move forward.

Debt Negotiation service

These options include debt negotiation, which means we negotiate with creditors to reduce the amounts owed or the monthly payments, or both, to amounts the debtor can manage. Debt consolidation is another possibility–that means working with the creditors to combine all the debtors’ obligations into a single monthly payment, and divvying the payment amount among the creditors. We can also advise people with specialized debt problems like student loans, tax debts, and mortgage debt. Finally, we can advise debtors about bankruptcy protection and how that process works.

Become an affiliate and become part of the solution to people’s debt issues.