March, 2013

5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect You Qualifying For Debt Consolidation

One of the myths about debt consolidation services is that everyone with debt qualifies. That is actually not true. Debt consolidation services may sound easy and simple in the adverts but the truth is far murkier than that. 5 factors that may disqualify you for debt consolidation Able to Pay: You have to be making some money. Because debt consolidation services are a repayment plan you have to...

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The 5 Benefits of Tax Relief Services

If you don’t pay the IRS, they will come and find you. This has led to the popularity of a number of tax relief services in recent years. But really what are these different tax relief services? What type of relief do they provide? How can tax relief services can benefit you? Counsel: When you are in tax trouble you are going to need to have someone’s ear. If you do your homework and find one...

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The 5 Benefits of Having a High Credit Score

You just thought you were doing what you were supposed to; paying your bills on time, keeping your spending under wraps, building wealth; and all of the sudden you realize, you now have a high credit score! Congratulations! In a capitalist economy the benefits of a high credit score can’t be overstated. Here are 5 advantages to having a high credit score Mortgage: You may have spent so long...

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