August 23rd, 2012

5 Useful Tips To Cure Your Spending Habits

When you are in extreme debt it seems as though you’re being swallowed up in quicksand and you don’t have a lifeline. Debt relief services might sound nice and they may be just what you need. But just because you avail yourself of debt relief services doesn’t mean that you won’t be back in the same predicament again. Here are 5 useful tips to cure your spending habits. Write Down: When...

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5 Essential Tips For People In Debt

You’re in debt and you don’t exactly know what to do about it. You are aware of our nation’s economy and high unemployment rates; you know that you’re not the only one desperately seeking debt relief. Listening to your family, friends, and neighbors could add to the confusion, so try looking over these 5 essential tips should provide debt relief for you: 1)Separate Your Needs From...

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The 10 Commandments to Having a High Credit Score

-Do Not Miss Payments Whether you make a payment on a bill or not determines 33% of your credit score! Even if you make two payments the next month, the missed payment will still serve as a hindrance towards your high credit score. -Never Dismiss Anything Although the librarian may be sweet, refusing to pay your library fees and other small delinquencies can stop you from having a high credit...

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